Tonic Moment: Hotei
Mixed-media drawing, 23.5 x 19.5 cm, 2001

Postmodern spiritual art: Spiritual art, ever wondered why so much of today's entertainment embraces destruction? Like a sort of media-run Coliseum featuring contemporary textures of decay 24-7. Granted, much naive sentimentality tends to masquerade as spiritual art. Yet spiritual art speaks of renewed hope in the core value of what makes us human; it embraces creation and the nascent promise of the future. Hotei, a maverick Zen monk on his path to spiritual fulfillment, surrenders his ego to become one with what transcends his mere self-interest. Benevolent at heart, Hotei freely allows life the time to be. Tonic Moment: Hotei, the 2001 drawing, served as the study for New Choice: Hotei, the 2005 painting, on the Message Form.

White Light Gray Gray Dark Gray Black
 Cleland Publishing